This revolutionary Patent Pending Product was created when a need  was recognized for the transport of cargo that typically will not be accomodated on standard motorcycle racks!   We have created a 3 Stage modular rack that can be purchased at any level to match the NEED!  We will also be offering other accessories that will mount to the baseplate such as large aluminum cargo platforms.


Our rack system was developed to carry anything from a simple duffle bag to a bicycle and rifles or golf clubs.  Stage 2 adds a backrest component with horizontal straps to carry long items vertically.  Stage 3 adds a bike tray assembly that allows bikes with quick release front axles to be mounted semi-vertically to keep the center of gravity low and on the centerline of the motorcycle.

When the MOTO-CADDY concept was originated we knew it had to be affordable so every effort was made in the design to use materials and processes that would provide a first class product that was appealing to the majority and provide high VALUE for the end-user.  Because there is no other product to compare to our Stage 2 and 3 we are offering it at a price to make it attractive!


Because we are providing a product that is carrying valuable cargo we have elevated the standard for the quality of craftmanship and the types of materials including Grade 8 SAE hardware and substantial material combined with a carbon steel baseplate for strength and 5052 Alum for the backrest and  bike attachment components. We are performing ongoing tests and periodic torture test to insure a long-lasting product.

A Revolution in the Cargo Transport Arena  for Light Vehicles(Motorcycles, ATV's, SxS's)

Our Stage 1 cargo platform is a heavy duty steel platform that you can use for the foundation of your cargo carrying challenges. 

The Stage 2 backrest support can be added to accomodate cargo such as golf clubs, rifles, bats, tennis, scuba tanks and gear, surveying equipment, photography tri-pods and accessories, guitars, archery, prospecting equipment, and much more! 

If your recreational activities include bicycling add the Stage 3 bike tray mount and carry your bike safely and with ease.  With minor adjustments Stage 3 can be used to carry downhill skis in a semi-vertical position on the bike tray!

Our Products:

  • Moto-Caddy Stage 1 Baseplate
  • Moto-Caddy Stage 2 Backrest
  • Moto-Caddy Stage 3 Bike Tray Assembly